Scholarships for African American High School Students

Scholarships for African Americans

This is the 3rd in a series of short information articles on Scholarships for African Americans; today you’ll learn about Scholarships for African American High School Students.

African American Scholarships Recipient and Dad 200x300 Scholarships for African American High School Students
African American Scholarships Recipient and Dad

To try to figure out what you want to do with your adult life can be overwhelming for some in high school. Enough so that some students wait until the last minute to apply for scholarships and entry into college. The sooner you find funding the better and there are a lot of scholarships for African American high school students ready to be awarded.

One of the scholarships for African American high school students that is in no way available for those already in college is the Ron Brown Scholar Program. The committee will be looking for students that show the willingness and know how to meaningfully add to society as a whole. This scholarship is based both on financial need and merit.

The major and school is up to the student who will receive a $10,000 award.Best Buy has scholarships available for African American high school students. As the backer to the Best Buy @15 Scholarship Program, the Best Buy Children’s Foundation awards students that are planning to enroll in an undergraduate program of their choice after high school graduation. This is merit based so you need to show good grades and your involvement in community service or even work experience.

One thousand students are awarded $1000 each.Another prime example of scholarships for African American high school students is the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship. The award could be up to $7500 annually for four years as long as the student shows good grades and the desire to commit to public service much like the namesake of the scholarship. The monies can be used for expenses, housing or tuition. Attendance to a Scholar Networking Weekend is required. JRF not only aids in receipt of financial aid but they also help the student throughout the higher education processes. Internships may also be available.

There are scores of other scholarships for African American high school students available for most any major. Organizations may require memberships and there are also scholarships and internships available for several universities and colleges. Fill out all paperwork appropriately and make sure you meet any criterion.

Just about everyone comprehends the value of a college degree nowadays to advance in your field. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to earn a degree. Before you can get started you’ve got to get approved into whatever college or university you hope to attend. The enormous levels of competition for diminishing seats plus the enormous amount of applicants from the U.S. (12 million new high school graduates per year) and a growing number of well qualified international individuals have made it more difficult than in the past to get into college.

If you’ve got no trouble getting in that is fantastic however the cost can be staggering. Contributing to the already high expense is the escalating trend towards six year graduations instead of a traditional 4 years; due mostly to poor career planning or poor college choices generating numerous changes in career and or major. Not just have the expenditures of college doubled recently however it is climbing steadily. One of the better approaches to solve the college finance problem is through college scholarships or grants.

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