Scholarships for African American Engineers

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Scholarships for African American


This is the 4th in a series of short information articles on Scholarships for African Americans; here you’ll learn about Scholarships for African American Engineers.

To engineer something is to plan or bring about something by applying design, construction or maintenance to manufactured things. This translates into a wide variety of career choices in most any science as well as electronics and computer programming. Therefore, there is a wide array of scholarships for African American engineers. Not only are they listed within engineering, but you will also find scholarships within other disciplines as well. For instance, if you are looking at chemical engineering or environmental engineering then you may find these under science.

The awards vary and can cover anything from expenses to full or partial tuition aid or even room and board.Corporations, universities, colleges, and foundations back scholarships for African American engineers. One such corporation is Xerox. The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship has an award amount of $1000 – $10,000 dependent upon the tuition balance, academics and categorization. This particular scholarship is open to undergraduates and graduate students alike. The student must be majoring in chemical, computer electrical, imaging, or optical engineering to name a few of the disciplines.An organization that offers scholarships for African American engineers is the Future Engineers.

The Future Engineers Scholarship Program will award $5000 to be used for expenses, room and board, tuition and books. Freshmen and seniors are eligible and need to be majoring in any engineering field.Sometimes you can find competitions have offer scholarships for African American engineers. The Siemens Foundations works with the College Board by offering the Siemens Competition. Individual and team research projects in science or mathematics, engineering and technology solely or combined are part of the competition for high school students.There scores of other scholarships for African American engineers available to students in high school or college, as well as internships and fellowships. Some of the scholarships offered may require the student to be a member of a sorority or organization to be awarded. Check all the criteria that are required, fill out all the paperwork fully and you should be able to find the aid you need.

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